Smart Facilities Management Software Solutions

Kiana real time facilities management software solution with WiFi analytics help managers effectively meet safety and security compliance measures


  • Enhancing Corporate Management Operations With Smart Facility Management Software


Space Utilization, Operational Efficiency and Security with Mobile and Wi-Fi Analytics

Effective management of corporate facilities in any organization can be a complex task that extends across a myriad of stakeholders. The Facilities Management or Real Estate teams may seem like the obvious owner-managers of sites, however industry-specific needs, regulatory compliance and safety and security needs mean that many other functions need to be closely involved.  Lack of automation leads to ineffective communication, higher costs and the inability to deliver the desired experience to workforce when its most needed.

Only Kiana Analytics delivers real-time device based detection and location based analytics, leveraging existing infrastructure, meaning that no new sensor equipment needs to be installed.


Facilities Management Software Solutions based on Kiana Analytics real time capabilities allow facility managers to:


Optimize Space Utilization

  • Optimize Workspaces: reduce real estate expenses
  • Avoid unneeded office expansion


Enhance Operational Efficiency

  • Identify currently used workspaces based on real time data
  • Adjust site resource allocation to match real usage


Ensure Safety and Security Compliance

  • Integrate with video surveillance as additional sensor
  • locate individuals, enforce secure zones and watch lists.


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