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NRF in NY: Chilly weather didn’t stop visitors from coming to visit

13 January, 2014 | Nader Fathi

Today was the first day of the NRF EXPO – we’re presenting alongside Fortinet in their booth and had terrific traction from some of the big names in retail.  A very large cosmetics chain, luxury brand chains, traditional retailers and restaurant chain stores were among the many that came by to look at Fortinet’s network solutions and stayed to hear us present our analytics and new social wifi and Koncierge products.

Along with Fortinet’s sales and sales engineering staff we impressed our visitors with a complete solution that demonstrates how to create a robust infrastructure that can provide a range of visitor influence and analysis support alongside Fortinet’s award winning network solutions.  We formally announce our Social WiFi product, and a novel approach to intercept showrooming behavior and turn that around to the retailer’s benefit, with our Kiana Koncierge service.

Kiana Koncierge provides customers with an immersive shopping experience by driving relevant content and targeted product offers through our patent pending interface to digital signage and digital displays.  We showed how we move beyond reporting on customers, to identifying in store visitors and using our tools, to encourage those visitors to engage in a more meaningful way with the retailer.  Retailers, conversely can provide new offers, improve the relevance of the content displayed on their signage, and better understand what their visitors are doing in order to help improve their service offers.