Manufacturing Ramp Up Post COVID Webinar

Manufacturing Ramp Up Post COVID Webinar

Bio: Tim Shinbara is Vice President & Chief Technology Officer for AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology. He is responsible for activities related to research and development, standards, and technology discovery. Mr. Shinbara is also an ASME Congressional Fellow serving in the Office of U.S. Senator Marco Rubio focused on manufacturing and industrial policy.


Production plants and the manufacturing technology market may not have slowed down as much as you think. Regardless, with more technicians and operators returning to the floor and shifts increasing there is a demand to do both:

  1. increase factory productivity
  2. abide by regulations.

Mr. Shinbara will take this opportunity to provide a broad view of returning to operations and to what environment the employees may be returning


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Kiana Analytics is a fast-growing, GDPR, and CCPA compliant company with offices in Silicon Valley, and Germany. Corporate campuses, schools, colleges, factories, hospitals, and elderly care facilities use Kiana’s patented device detection capabilities and cloud-based software to strengthens physical safety, security, and to optimize their operations. Kiana’s COVID Exposure solution automates California AB-685 regulation and was recently highlighted in Gartner’s ”CIO Guide: How Location Services Can Help Mitigate COVID-19 Spread”. To learn more visit

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AMT Kiana Return to Work Manufacturing Ramp Up Webinar

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