Kiana Return to Campus: Digital Contact Tracing and Facilities Management Software Solution

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  • Deploy Kiana’s Digital Contact Tracing Platform to Ensure a Safe and Wellness Centered Campus


Peace of Mind for Returning Students, Faculty, and Parents

Kiana Analytics, an industry-leading provider of real-time location analytics, provides a ready to deploy, cloud-based, digital contact tracing platform, leveraging years of experience with its facilities management and presence analytics solution.



Helping Educational Institutions in their response to COVID-19: E&I Cooperative Services shares the benefits of their partnership with Kiana Analytics’ digital contact tracing solution.


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Return to Campus Requirements and Mandates Are Now Being Set For Managing the COVID-19 Pandemic


Many Universities are now specifying rules, regulations, and protocols for students returning to campus.  As campuses are being opened immediately, now is not the time to experiment with unproven methods and vendors for ensuring the safety and health of your students, administrators, and faculty. Manual methods are inefficient and expensive and put a huge Human Resource burden on campus administration & health centers.


Enforcement of University mandates and regulations cannot be carried out efficiently and accurately, using manual Contact Tracing methods.  Many Universities are requiring students to sign “Compacts” which require that students abide by all federal, state, city, and University mandates, policies, protocols and procedures related to COVID-19.  Some Compacts also require that students report themselves and others who are violating policies and guidelines.  Additionally, Manual Contact Tracing methods require that students accurately “report to health center staff” the other people that they have come in contact with.  Not only is this an inaccurate and time-consuming approach, it also puts a huge emotional burden on students to report on their friends and colleagues.



  • Ensuring Confidence In Campus Safety and Well Being of Students, Faculty, and Staff

Example Regulations being Implemented Which Address COVID-19 Safety and Health


  • Classrooms can’t be more than 40% full
  • All students and faculty required to wear a face mask or covering inside buildings
  • Coronavirus testing for students on campus upon arrival and at regular intervals
  • Health check at specific interval (some are daily)
  • A certain percentage of the student body is allowed to be “on campus”
  • Only a certain number of students in a classroom at a time
  • Social distancing
  • Screening Program for Testing and Tracing


How can Universities ensure that these restrictions are being adhered to and followed in an efficient, accurate manner while still protecting student’s privacy?



  • Kiana COVID-19 Digital Contact Tracing Platform Provides Complete Solution for Universities / Colleges to Ensure Safety, Wellness, & Privacy Protection


Privacy First

Kiana Digital Contact Tracing Platform for COVID-19 Health and Safety

Privacy is Protected:

No personal information is exposed outside of the campus.  Mobile devices are identified solely by MAC address.  Identifying personal information is provided by and owned by YOUR university staff.



Kiana Digital Contact Tracing & Facilities Management Solution Benefits

Privacy Protected

Privacy is Protected

No personal information is exposed outside of the campus. Mobile devices are identified solely by MAC address. Identifying personal information is provided by and owned by YOUR university staff.

Passive, Always-On Services

Automation, Efficiency, Accuracy, and Historical Data:

Real-time automated digital contact tracing from Kiana’s platform is accurate, is on-demand, and keeps data for as long as desired

cloud based easy to read charts

Easy to Implement and Use:

Cloud-based, “easy to read” charts and visual graphics provide an on-demand, instantaneous report identifying those who are exposed to any person who has reported testing positive for COVID-19 and the length of exposure.



Students are not required to report other students and people that they have come in contact with on campus, leaving them free from recrimination.

Affected Zones Identified

Affected Zones Identified

Kiana’s Contact Tracing and Facilities Management platform identifies immediately the affected areas such as lecture halls and meeting rooms so that they can immediately be closed off for cleaning. Interactive maintenance zone check-off capability is provided so that closed areas may be opened quickly after cleaning to reduce the interruption and impact on the campus operation.

Actionable Information to Alert Health & Safety

Actionable Information to Alert Health & Safety

Kiana’s digital contact tracing solution can provide data which alerts the necessary people when physical social distancing guidelines have been violated, and when more than the allowed number of people are present in a particular room or area.


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