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Kiana Analytics Launches Location Engine

6 December, 2016 | SUNNYVALE, Calif.


Kiana Analytics Launches Kiana Location Engine (KLE 2.0) for
Retail, Stadium, Airport, University, and Other High-Traffic Businesses

New Predictive Analysis in Location Solution Identifies Customers with
Declining Loyalty, Triggering 1:1 Engagement in Real Time


Kiana Analytics, the location-based analytics company that  converts visitors to buyers, today announced industry-first functionality in its latest release: KLE 2.0 (Kiana Location Engine). The new cloud-based solution offers businesses across industries e-commerce-like data capture and analytics, including new Predictive Analysis functionality that enables marketers to
automatically trigger an email, text or Facebook message to customers or visitors who have demonstrated declining loyalty. Available today, the real-time location services engine also accommodates large volumes of big data, with the capacity to collect and analyze up to 45,000 visitors or passers by in one day.


“We have been utilizing Kiana Presence Analytics in San Pedro Square Market in San Jose since 2014. The technology allows us to better service our customers and improves our operation efficiency. We are planning to extend this solution to my new development, the Abbott Square Market in Santa Cruz, CA. Using Kiana predictive analysis will enable our businesses to attract, retain and grow our customer base and better manage resources,” said John McEnery IV, Owner, San Pedro Square Market, San Jose, CA.


With KLE 2.0, visitors and customers log in to guest WiFi using Facebook, email, or their mobile phone number, enabling Kiana to analyze the frequency of their in-store or location visits over time. The solution can be configured with parameters that identify at-risk customers who have visited a store, chain or other location less frequently than in the past. The machine learning platform then sends a 1:1 message or offer using Kiana’s campaign feature or an integrated marketing campaign tool, via the medium used to log in.


Taking Precision RTLS to Scalable and Predictive Levels

Kiana Analytics has been innovating in the presence analytics space for two years, building its customer base worldwide to include an amusement park, a global manufacturer and retailer of affordable luxury jewelry and accessories, a national chain of liquor stores, a home improvement chain in Mexico, one of the world’s largest independent brands based in Europe, and dozens of other companies.

Driving rapid adoption of Kiana’s technology is functionality that enables organizations across industries
to leverage their WiFi infrastructure to capture visitor traffic and demographic data that help improve
operations and marketing initiatives.


Unique functionality within Kiana’s new release includes:

  • Universal Device Detection – Recognizes all mobile devices and wearables (connected or passive; both Android and iOS)
  • Precision Proximity – Detects visitors within 2 x 2 meters of WiFi sensors.
  • Native Real Time Location Services (KLE) – Within the Kiana platform, vs. relying on integrations; KLE not only provides precise X & Y location, but also Z dimension (which floor).
  • Real-Time – Samples every three seconds, the typical speed of a person walking through a mall, etc.
  • Mass Scale – Detects and analyzes tens of thousands of people per day; ideal for high-traffic businesses such as malls, stadiums, conference centers, universities, and airports.
  • NEW Predictive Analysis – Identifies customers who visit less frequently than in the past, triggering a marketing message or offer to stay top of mind and increase engagement.
  • Geo Marketing – Users can identify a location to be used for triggering events.
  • Auto Coverage Recommender – Automatically looks at existing WiFi coverage and recommends additional hotspots to increase coverage.

“Kiana’s real-time location services engine is unique in its proximity accuracy and speed. The technology detects visits within four square meters, when the industry average is 5-10 meters. Kiana also captures customer movement in three-second intervals, ensuring analytics are able to track visitor paths fully throughout a large venue – even from floor to floor. This opens doors for comprehensive analytics, particularly when compared to beacon technology,” explained Sebastian Andreatta, VP of Kiana Product Management


About Kiana Analytics

Kiana Analytics provides cloud-based customer analytics software and patented device detection for operations and proximity marketing. Retailers, shopping centers, restaurant chains, event venues and other businesses worldwide use Kiana’s real-time location services (RTLS) engine and data to identify and understand WiFi-enabled foot traffic and showrooming behavior, measure and improve operations, strengthen on-site security and execute real-time targeted campaigns and offers that increase customer loyalty and sales. Founded in 2013, Kiana Analytics is a fast-growing VC-financed company with offices in Silicon Valley and Germany. Kiana was named the “Hottest Company in July 2016” by the world’s largest startup accelerator, Plug and Play Tech Center. To learn more, visit or follow us on Twitter @KianaAnalytics.


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