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Kiana to Accelerate Smart Cities/Safe Cities

16 November, 2017 | SUNNYVALE, Calif.

Kiana Named Founding Member of Key IoT Consortium to
Accelerate Smart Cities/Safe Cities


Presence Analytics Leader Presents at I3 Consortium Launch Event


Kiana, the location-based analytics company that delivers proximity solutions to businesses worldwide, today announced the company is among the founding  members of the I3 Consortium (Intelligent Internet-of-Things Integrator), which seeks to create an opensource meta-layer that supports many disparate and independent IoT users so that their devices can  interact with applications in an open and managed IoT data marketplace. Kiana is presenting today at the I3 Consortium Launch Event at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles (#InnovateinLA). Developed by USC Marshall School of Business and USC Viterbi Center for Cyber-Physical Systems and the Internet of Things (CCI) , I3 is a meta-layer intended to establish a community of IoT networks – a  controlled data “river” that has more value than any individual IoT data stream. This data-centric ecosystem will encourage and accelerate IoT adoption by providing a managed, trusted environment for device owners to reach data brokers and user-facing applications.  At the launch event, with support from the City of LA and several partner companies and organizations, Kiana will formally join the open consortium being formed to realize this vision. The consortium will develop and implement the I3 software and evaluate it initially on the USC campus and more broadly in the LA area.

Kiana’s real-time location services (RTLS) detect and analyze tens of thousands of visitors per day, making the solution ideal for high-traffic locations within smart cities. Driving rapid adoption of Kiana’s cloud-based technology are innovations that enable organizations across sectors to leverage their social Wi-Fi infrastructure to capture visitor traffic and demographic data. Kiana’s Universal Device Detection uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to recognize all mobile devices and wearables – connected, passive, Android and iOS – so that organizations can optimize resources across a site, or engage directly with visitors.

Accelerating Community-Based IoT Networks

“Some researchers forecast that there will be 75B IoT devices connected to the network by 2025 – equivalent to 10 devices for every person in the world – making the evolution of IoT even more
impactful to the way we live and work than the Internet,” explained Jerry Power, Executive Director, Institute for Communications Technology Management, USC Marshall School of Business.
“The organizations collaborating on the I3 Consortium expect the maximum benefit of IoT will stem from communities working together to utilize their data in a respectful, open, and trusted information exchange. Los Angeles has made key contributions that helped shaped the emergence of the Internet, so it is fitting that USC will manage the Consortium and provide a suitable test environment, expandable to include the City, in order to demonstrate scalability. We hope to create an environment that exemplifies future smart community, smart- campus, smart-city, and smart-government initiatives. This is particularly exciting for the region as we look forward to hosting the Summer Olympics in 2028,” added Mr. Power.

Kiana Presents at I3 Consortium Launch Event – USC Campus

Kiana is invited to present today at the I3 Consortium Launch event in Los Angeles (#InnovateinLA). Kiana joins other leading IoT companies providing technologies for public safety/security, smart buildings, presence analytics or other elements that comprise a thriving ecosystem for smart communities.
The event convened several hundred professionals from companies in the IoT space, as well as the National Governors Association, Knight Foundation, and industry and local press. “Participating in the I3 Consortium offers a great test environment for real-world applications of presence analytics for smart cities/safe cities. Kiana Secure strengthens existing video surveillance capabilities and enhances access control solutions with Wi-Fi based location awareness, for 100% premise coverage, ” explained Kiana CEO Nader Fathi.
“In addition, Social Wi-Fi and real-time location services in Kiana Engage help maximize investments and improve operations decisions. Knowing real-time visitor location and frequency of visits enables cities to provide targeted ads, visitor loyalty programs and promotions,” added Mr. Fathi.

About Kiana

Kianacloud-based software and patented device detection enhance physical security, optimizes operations and delivers proximity solutions for businesses worldwide. Corporate campuses, event venues, transportation hubs and shopping malls use Kiana’s real-time remote awareness platform to strengthen physical safety and security and understand visitor behavior. Founded in 2013, Kiana Analytics is a fast-growing GDPR-compliant company with offices in Silicon Valley and Germany. Kiana was named the “Hottest Company in July 2016” by the world’s largest startup accelerator, Plug and Play Tech Center and named the Top Innovator in May 2018 by the Telecom Council. To learn more, visit or follow @kianaanalytics.