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Presence Analytics

Real-time location services provide situational awareness and assists with safety & security measures in emergency situations. Knowing real-time occupant location and corresponding occupant profile is invaluable in decision making. Understanding occupant foot traffic while on premise provides valuable insights into crime investigations. Remote awareness is also instrumental to effectively managing employees, contractors & maintenance staff. Presence analytics aides in meeting compliance standards and in reducing insurance premiums.

Location Services

Real-time location services not only maximize marketing investments but also help optimize store operations. Knowing real-time visitor location enables the ability to provide targeted advertisements, customer loyalty programs and promotions. Visitor location can also be leveraged to determine conversions and bounce rates, which are useful in measuring the success of marketing campaigns. Being able to quickly locate maintenance, retail or security staff is instrumental in effective premise management.

Social WiFi

By enhancing presence analytics and location services with Social WiFi services, customer profiles can be collected and leveraged to further customize the retail experience. Kiana’s Social WiFi offering provides a captive portal with Facebook and email login options. Customers who opt-in, share profile information that can be utilized for monitoring shopper behaviors, target marketing and customized promotions.

Engagement Engine

Customer engagement starts with knowing your customers. Kiana’s engagement engine is continually collecting and assessing data needed to understand and influence shopping behavior. Collection of customer conversion, bounce rates, merchant survey data, and marketing campaign results provides actionable intelligence for better decision.

Turn your visitors into Customers

Key Features

Presence Analytics

Real-time location trends, foot traffic analytics and visitor stats such as dwell time, frequency and duration of visits.

Location Services

Locator filters for maintenance staff, employees, security personnel and VIP customers.

Heat Map & Traffic flows

Real-time automated heat maps based on floor-plan imports. Visitor density, flow analysis and visitor trilateration.

Social WiFi

Captive portal with Facebook/email login. Logo, terms & conditions, and opt-in customization.

Engagement Engine

Engage directly with customers via targeted advertisements, surveys and loyalty programs based on collected customer profile.


Built-in reports for common use-cases. Highly customizable for specific business needs.

Kiana Engage Customer Benefits

Optimizes Operations

Presence & Positioning Analytics

Effectively manage stores by knowing total number of visitors, frequency of visits and duration of stay.

Passive, Always-On Services

Social WiFi Engagement

Enable and track loyalty programs and marketing campaigns via social WiFi services to increase marketing ROI.

Enhances Existing Video Surveillance Capabilities

Heat Map & Traffic Flows

Knowing visitor foot traffic is invaluable in determining the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and store layout. Optimize operations by locating and monitoring staff and security personnel.

Highly Scalable

Highly Scalable

Cloud based architecture easily scales up by adding additional access points. Today Kiana is monitoring 170 Million unique devices and adding over 7M per month. Scales to millions of devices per network.

Delivers Peace of Mind

Leverage Existing Infrastructure

Kiana is hardware agnostic and already compatible with leading access points. New integrations are added on an ongoing basis.