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Kiana Engage Leverages Breakthrough AI Algorithms to Deliver Most Precise Location Calibration to High-Traffic Venues

2 November, 2017 | SUNNYVALE, Calif.


New Executive Dashboard, Third-Party Data Integration and Expanded Platform Support
Offer Comprehensive and Accurate Visitor Insights for Proximity Analytics


Kiana Analytics, the location-based analytics company that delivers proximity solutions to businesses worldwide, today announced a new release of Kiana Engage for large retailers, shopping centers, stadiums, conference centers, universities, and airports, seeking greater visitor insights for operations and marketing. The new solution delivers the first “fine-grain calibration” for advanced mapping of a venue, a Location API for Navigation Applications, and an Executive Dashboard for making more profitable decisions and extending useful analytics to tenants, exhibitors, or other customers.
Driving rapid adoption of Kiana’s cloud-based technology are innovations that enable organizations across industries to leverage their social WiFi infrastructure to capture visitor traffic and demographic data. Kiana’s Universal Device Detection uses artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize all mobile devices and wearables – connected, passive, Android and iOS – so that businesses can optimize resources across a site, refine marketing campaigns and/or engage directly with customers via targeted surveys and loyalty programs. Visitors opt-in in to guest WiFi using Facebook, email, or their mobile phone number, enabling Kiana to analyze the frequency of their in-store or location visits over time.
Kiana’s real-time location services (RTLS) detect and analyze tens of thousands of visitors per day, making the
software ideal for high-traffic locations and geo marketing. The software enables hundreds of VARs, System
Designers and Integrators to offer their customers market-leading RTLS proximity accuracy and speed that
analyzes tens of thousands of people per day.

New Kiana Engage Features

New features in the company’s latest release, Kiana Engage, enable companies across industries and countries to speed and improve decision making through enhanced analytics and other innovative features, including:

  • Executive Dashboard – Uses machine learning and AI algorithms to present Area Transition analysis, helping businesses optimize lease revenues based on floor plans and display locations; presents customer trends, visitor categorization (new, repeat, occasional, VIP);
  • Location API for Navigation Apps – Integrates with third-party indoor mapping/wayfinding apps;
  • Greater Customization – Enables users to configure views, reports and branding with ease;
  • Modern User Interface – Displays contextual information without needing a user manual and leverages the latest GUI technologies, such as Google Material Design standards;
  • Comprehensive Platform Support – For all window sizes of PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Android;
  • Expanded Data Fusion – Integrates third-party data, such as weather, for customers to consider variables that impact shopping behavior and KPIs across stores, venues or regions;
  • Self-Registration – Enables easy setup without customer support, speeding insights and results;
  • Localization – Also offered in French, German, Spanish, Arabic and other languages.

“New directional antennas, non-uniform antenna patterns, walls, and signal reflections, make it challenging for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to measure location accurately. Kiana Engage offers retailers, shopping centers, large venues and other businesses the ability to calibrate the trilateration system using fingerprinting methods that overcome this challenge. The capability will enable the thousands of customers worldwide using our enterprise-grade Wi-Fi access points to measure visitor behavior accurately across a site in order to make more profitable business decisions,” explained Koroush Saraf, Vice President Product Management, Fortinet.


Convention Center Increases Revenues with Kiana Data

Messe Stuttgart, one of Germany’s largest convention centers, draws more than one million visitors to lifestyle and consumer-focused events each year. The Center, which has 9 halls, and over 105,200 square-meters of meeting space, has been using Kiana since fall 2016 to improve operations, generate new business, and provide valuable marketing insight for exhibitors.
“Kiana Engage delivers the ‘infonomics’ needed to increase exhibitor development and loyalty. We are able to show area transition analysis to roughly 5,000 exhibitors annually, providing them with real-time or historical analysis of their actual booth activity. For instance, we can show an auto manufacturer in real time how many visitors stopped, and for how long, to look at one car model versus another – as well as how many walked past the exhibit. The following year, the exhibitor can see which visitors were new versus repeat, helping to refine their marketing programs. It’s a great value-add,” said Mr. Rudolf Anders, CIO, Messe Stuttgart.


IMAGE CAPTION: Kiana Engage Executive Dashboard simplifies the presentation of KPIs to help businesses decide where and when to allocate resources and customer engagement based on weather, in/out foot traffic, peak occupancy, visitor frequency, dwell times, and other indicators.





About Kiana

Kianacloud-based software and patented device detection enhance physical security, optimizes operations and delivers proximity solutions for businesses worldwide. Corporate campuses, event venues, transportation hubs and shopping malls use Kiana’s real-time remote awareness platform to strengthen physical safety and security and understand visitor behavior. Founded in 2013, Kiana Analytics is a fast-growing GDPR-compliant company with offices in Silicon Valley and Germany. Kiana was named the “Hottest Company in July 2016” by the world’s largest startup accelerator, Plug and Play Tech Center and named the Top Innovator in May 2018 by the Telecom Council. To learn more, visit follow @kianaanalytics.