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Kiana awarded location patent for device discovery

20 June, 2018 | SUNNYVALE, Calif.

Kiana Analytics Granted Patent for

Uniquely Identifying All Wireless Devices


Accurate Real-Time Detection of WiFi and Bluetooth Devices Helps Travel Hubs, Corporate and College Campuses, Stadiums, Malls, and other Large Venues Improve Safety of Visitors and Employees


Kiana Analytics, Inc., the location-based platform company that delivers accurate proximity solutions to organizations worldwide, today announced it has been awarded a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent covers industry-first methods for identification of all connected and detected WiFi, Bluetooth, and smart bulb devices,
ignoring random and false device identifications. The unmatched accuracy of this patented technology enables chief security officers, heads of operations, and CMOs at high-traffic venues to improve physical security and quickly gain visitor insights.

Kiana has processed more than 400 million unique wireless device IDs across 50 countries worldwide. Hundreds of VARs, system designers and integrators use Kiana’s market-leading real-time location services’ (RTLS) proximity accuracy and speed, empowering organizations across industries to leverage their WiFi infrastructure in order to capture visitor traffic and demographic data, increase physical safety and security, improve operations, refine marketing campaigns, and engage visitors.

The new U.S. patent number 9,998,907 granted to Kiana covers a system and method for identifying mobile users in a site, including: receiving, in real time, data packets from wireless access points; identifying and time stamping each unique device identification from the received data packets; and determining repetitive or false unique device identifications (while eliminating repetitive or false identifications to obtain accurate device identifications). The technology powers KianaSecure™ and KianaEngage™, which detect and analyze tens of thousands of visitors per day, making the cloud-based software ideal for corporate campuses, airports, convention centers, shopping centers, and other large venues. The platform’s universal device detection recognizes all mobile devices and wearables–connected, detected, Android and iOS.

Physical Security and Visitor Analytics Use Cases

The Global Physical Security Market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 9.9% from 2016 to 2024, reaching $148 billion by 2024 (Variant Market Research). Physical security technologies, such as KianaSecure, which provides smart alerts and forensic analysis, are designed to prevent unauthorized access to facilities and resources, and protect visitors, personnel and property from damage, theft or even terrorist attacks. Kiana’s AI algorithms deliver down-to-2×2 meter location calibration to high-traffic venues, equipping them to accurately count devices, detect desirable or undesirable visitors, address crisis situations, as well as provide valuable guest services and marketing insight. For instance:

  • An energy plant configured Kiana to alert operations when an employee hasn’t moved for some time (man down), as well as determine the location of any nearby employees trained in CPR.
  • A corporate campus uses Kiana to direct surveillance cameras to entrances when a new/first-time device has entered without swiping in with a badge, potentially “tailgating” behind an employee.
  • Suburban communities worldwide use Kiana’s technology for main street visitor analysis to assist merchants and to provide police with a force multiplier in assessing safety conditions.

“Kiana is committed to delivering innovations that advance smart/safe campuses and cities by leveraging existing infrastructure. Being awarded this important foundational patent in the field of wireless device detection is a testament to our engineering team’s ability to continually think outside the box to increase safety,” said Nader Fathi, CEO, Kiana Analytics. “This patent is the first of several to come and will play a role in incorporating machine learning and data analytics into additional use cases, such as security systems.”

About Kiana

Kianacloud-based software and patented device detection enhance physical security, optimizes operations and delivers proximity solutions for businesses worldwide. Corporate campuses, event venues, transportation hubs and shopping malls use Kiana’s real-time remote awareness platform to strengthen physical safety and security and understand visitor behavior. Founded in 2013, Kiana Analytics is a fast-growing GDPR-compliant company with offices in Silicon Valley and Germany. Kiana was named the “Hottest Company in July 2016” by the world’s largest startup accelerator, Plug and Play Tech Center and named the Top Innovator in May 2018 by the Telecom Council. To learn more, visit follow @kianaanalytics.

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