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Facilities Manager Publication: It’s a Brave New World – How to Leverage Contact Tracing to Navigate the New Normal in the Facilities Industry

8 October, 2020 |

by Steven Seiden and Nader Fathi

September / October 2020

COVID-19 Contact Tracing leverage Facilities Industry

Recent Re-openings Have Brought New Risks

As cities across the country continue to reopen we have seen an acceleration of the spread of COVID-19. Like the mandate for masks, we need to have a mandate for contract tracing to reduce the spread. For employers and facility managers tasked with the responsibility of enabling employees to return to work safely, these latest developments have brought new headaches and challenges. Test and Trace remains the optimal method to control disease spread and allow phased reopenings to continue. 


Contact Tracing – It’s About Location and People 

You may be familiar with the name, but what is contact tracing, and how can it work for you in a facility setting? It’s important to weigh the options and select the best approach for your organization. Contact tracing is about more than just identifying and locating people; it also involves reengineering working zones and rolling out advanced cleaning efforts.

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