Euclid Analytics Migration to Kiana Program

For a limited-time seamlessly and cost-effectively migrate from the Euclid spatial analytics platform to Kiana’s powerful solution for Cisco Meraki, HP Aruba and other customers.  Sign up now

The Euclid Analytics Migration to Kiana Program consists of four major elements:

  • Free Jumpstart

Kiana experts will meet with Euclid Analytics customers in a free, no obligation workshop to develop a strategic migration plan based on each customer’s specific situation. The customer will fully understand the scope, budget and resources the migration project will require, reducing the risk of moving forward.

  • Replacement Licenses

Euclid Analytics customers will be able to purchase the appropriate Kiana licenses to replace Euclid licenses, using Kiana’s standard pricing model, and receive one year of maintenance and support at no additional cost.

  • Free Professional Services

Using the Euclid Analytics migration plan developed during the Jumpstart, Kiana’s professional services team will support and configure Kiana solution and will help bring customer’s system into production.

  • Quick Time to Value

Kiana is committed to getting the new system ready to go into production after the official kickoff of the migration project – delivering rapid implementation and a quick time to value for all migrating Euclid Analytics customers.

Next Generation Digitalization

Kiana’s patented AI platform improves business profitability by magnifying foot traffic, enhancing visitor engagement, optimizing human capital planning, and analyzing queue waits and visitor behavior.   In addition to covering your services today, Kiana future-proofs your network for security, employee management and Visitor VIP services as you grow, all while using your existing network infrastructure.

  • KianSecure for physical safety and security
  • KianaEngage for Proximity Services
  • Supports Cisco Meraki, Aironet, HPE Aruba, Fortinet and Everest Networks WiFi Access Points
  • Integrated with Smart lights, Beacons and Digital Signage

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For more info, visit, email us at or call 1-800-961-4522.

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