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Empower Store Associates with shopper data to Increase Conversions and Loyalty

30 June, 2015 | Nader Fathi

Today there is ample opportunity for retailers to directly engage with customers, especially with the vast majority of shoppers toting a mobile device and numerous retailers offering free Wi-Fi. And yet, too often retailers are missing critical opportunities to better understand their customers and provide them with personalized buying experiences. According to research conducted by Motorola Solutions, 85% of retailers cannot customize a store visit due to lack of information about the customer; and 76% do not know when a specific customer enters or browses their store.

It’s high time to drop these stats down to single digits with data feeding into Associate Platforms – mobile apps used as solutions on the sales floor.

Associate Platforms are mobile solutions used by retail sales associates to establish better engagement with customers based on data about their location, behaviors and purchases. These apps are installed on associates’ mobile devices ranging from iPods to iPads. Customer data points are captured once the shopper logs into the store’s public Wi-Fi and is seen in real-time within the sales associates’ mobile application on their device. This helps them personalize store visits and cater products to the shopper’s buying history.

In the same Motorola study, 67% of shoppers cited a better experience and became more likely to buy when associates are equipped with latest mobile technologies; and a RightNow report found 86% of consumers will pay up to 25% more for a better customer experience. Here are the top three ways Wi-Fi data can equip associates with customer insights that drive sales:

#1) Close the Sale with Helpful Pre-Sale Insights

Wi-Fi enabled data feeds, partnered with Associate Platforms, help close deals as the customer is walking into the store. For instance, as this data is fed into an associate’s mobile app, when a customer is nearby, a sales associate could receive a notification on her tablet. When the customer visits the store, the associate could offer suggestions based on browsing history. With this data, the associate can also see on her mobile app that a customer has been dwelling in a specific area for a certain amount of time and go assist him. According to recent TimeTrade report, consumers want knowledgeable help; in fact, nearly 90% of survey respondents are more likely to buy when helped by a knowledgeable associate. Additionally, based on high-traffic customer dwelling areas, a store can staff departments accordingly or receive a real-time alert to migrate more associates to a certain department.

#2) Use Showrooming to Convert Customers

Armed with customer analytics at their fingertips, sales associates can also catch and capitalize on “showrooming” behavior. For instance, a sales associate could receive a notification via mobile app when a customer is browsing other products online. The associate could then look up item availability to match pricing and offer the customer the exact product in real time. Additionally, the associate could text a coupon code to customers while in a department after 20 minutes in the store without specific department dwell time.

#3) Boost Loyalty with Repeat Customer Insights

According to recent research, 25% to 40% of the total revenues of the most stable businesses come from returning customers. Associate Platforms can only serve to boost these figures as an associate can also receive a notification via mobile app if a customer is a new or returning frequent shopper (VIP). If a loyal customer is connected to the retailer’s guest Wi-Fi, they may opt-in to receiving welcome messages, personalized store maps, product data, and customized offers from the retailer. The associate could be alerted to this behavior through their Associate Platform and offer the customer a coupon or promotion based on frequency and category of purchase. Additionally, the associate could address the customer with buying preferences and previous history.

Today, 89% of retailers are unable to connect customers’ activities online with what they do in-store (Motorola Solutions). Wi-Fi enabled data, fed to Associate Platforms, empower sales associates with a 360-degree view of the customer, bridging the digital and physical worlds, to create the personalized shopping experiences customers have come to expect and drive in-store sales. 

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