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Defining Standard Employee Data in the Post-Covid World

| 26 August, 2020

What HR Professionals Need to Know to Navigate the New Normal

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HR Roles, Redefined

As an HR professional, you play an integral role in your organization’s day-to-day and larger strategic initiatives. Pre-pandemic, your responsibilities typically extended to vast corners of a company’s purview, from keeping a pulse on employee engagement and morale to upholding security and safety in the workplace, ensuring compliance regulations are maintained and liability is minimized.

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Kiana Latka most promising SaaS

Kiana makes the “Latka Most Promising SaaS in California”

| 25 June, 2020

At Kiana we’ve been focused on helping businesses grow for the past 7 years, having raised $3.6M+ to support our mission, today we’re helping more than 200 of you! We’ve grown from to now over 20 employees in Sunnyvale, Europe and Singapore and beyond.

We’re excited to share that Kiana has made it to the Latka most promising SaaS in California. Each year, Latka analyzes 10,000 different software companies around the world to select the most promising in each location.

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Wireless upgrades from Cisco, Aruba, Juniper aim at helping businesses reopen safely

| 4 June, 2020

Contact tracing, temperature checking and overcrowding will be monitorable with new and enhanced features of wireless networks.


Cisco, Aruba and Juniper are unwrapping new applications and services aimed at helping organizations safely re-open their facilities when due to the COVID-19 pandemic permits.

For example, Aruba says it will release a new set of native contact- and location-tracing tools for Aruba infrastructure customers using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The company’s third party ecosphere – including AiRISTA Flow, CXApp, Kiana Analytics, Modo Labs, and Skyfii – will deliver a variety of Aruba-based social-distancing and group-size management applications.

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Aruba releases contact and location tracing tools with Kiana analytics

Aruba Unveils New Secure AI-Powered Solutions and Vision for the Reimagined Workplace


SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company (NYSE: HPE), today unveiled a suite of innovative workplace solutions and a new vision for three return to work scenarios – returning to the office and venues, working from home, and ultimately, the office reimagined. With Aruba’s AI-powered, cloud-native networking solutions as their foundation, each scenario provides pragmatic steps organizations can take today to expedite business recovery and implement contact tracing and touchless solutions that enhance the health and wellness of employees and visitors.

Contact and Location Tracing – Aruba will be releasing a new set of native contact and location tracing tools for existing Aruba infrastructure customers based on both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This will be demonstrated at Aruba Atmosphere Digital on June 9, 2020. For expanded capabilities, Aruba Technology Partners AiRISTA Flow, CXApp, Kiana Analytics, Modo Labs, and Skyfii integrate with Aruba infrastructures to monitor social distancing and group sizes, and generate contract tracing trees of potentially exposed individuals.

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SBB deploys Kiana Analytics Facility Management Tools

SBB deploys Kiana Analytics tools to create connected smart buildings

| 1 June, 2020





California-based Kiana Analytics, which provides proximity solutions to organizations worldwide, announced that it has been selected by the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), the nation railway company of Switzerland, to assist with optimizing its work space for its flexible workforce.

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Kiana ADS Contact Tracing Platform to reduce COVID-19 spread

Contact Tracing Platform to Reduce COVID-19 Exposure, Spread and Get America Back to Work

| 26 May, 2020

This facilitates the understanding of the progression and spread of COVID-19 by locating and surveilling people that may have come into close contact with those that may be or are infected.

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Kiana Analytics : New Platform For COVID-19 Contact Tracing

New Platform for COVID-19 Contact Tracing

| 5 May, 2020

A Maryland technology company and a California analytics firm want to help businesses prevent the spread of Covid-19 as they consider returning to work — and they think they have the key.

From the Washington Business Journal: https://www.bizjournals.com/washington/news/2020/05/05/exclusive-rockville-firm-rolls-out-new-platform.html

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March 2020 – Communications, information, Technology, and Management

| 25 March, 2020


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow.  It is extremely contagious, there is no vaccine, treatment protocols are uncertain, and testing kits are in short supply.  Practicing social distancing appears to be the only way to slow the virus spread so the medical facilities are not overwhelmed while we wait for the supply of testing kits (and protective gear) to improve and vaccines to be developed.

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Kiana.io: Augmenting Safety, Security, Awareness and Engagement

https://www.insightssuccess.com/ | 8 June, 2019

Nader Fathi, CEO of Kiana, shares insights on how the company empowers businesses worldwide with accurate location and real-time footfall analysis to improve physical safety and security as well as proximity services.

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How 5G and Kiana are changing the game for first responders

https://www.cnn.com/ | 22 May, 2019

5G isn’t just about faster speeds for your smartphone. It will usher in a wave of new technology that will power the future. First responders in particular are excited about 5G’s potential. Learn more how Kiana tracks the movements of people within an airport by detecting them through their devices and analyzes the patterns for suspicious activity.

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