6 Smart Ways Retailers Can Use Heat Maps to Drive Conversions

http://www.streetfightmag.com/ | 1 January, 2016

“What do customer movements inside stores have to do with conversions? ….. some of the smartest retailers are now installing beacons, WiFi, and other hyperlocal technologies as a way to generate heat maps that track customer flows.”

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3 ways WiFi can help retailers this holiday season

http://www.cio.com/ | 1 December, 2015

“Wi-Fi is an infrastructure enabler — so software service providers are offering interesting options for sales associates to give them information about loyalty program members, about individuals entering the store, and about what customers purchase”

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Connect with Shoppers at the Shelf

http://www.storebrands.info/ | 20 April, 2015

Whether it’s traditional signage or a modern virtual assistant, retailers have a plethora of options when it comes to crafting their sell-at-the-shelf strategy.

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Venture Caplital Deals: Term Sheet

http://www.fortune.com/ | 15 April, 2015

Kiana Analytics exceeds their round raise

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Plug and Play, Sand Hill Angels back Kiana

http://www.pehub.com/ | 5 April, 2015

Kiana Analytics, a Sunnyvale, Calif.-based provider of location-based marketing technology, announced it has raised more than $1 million in financing from Plug and Play Ventures, Sand Hill Angels, Hawaii Angels and several individual investors.

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Kiana Analytics CEO Nader Fathi presents at Plug and Play Retail Expo

http://www.plugandplayaccelerator.com/ | 2 March, 2015

With VCs and national retailers present at Plug and Play’s spring retail expo, Kiana’s CEO provides an overview of Kiana’s solutions for scalable analytics that delivers ROI to marketers through customer insight technology

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Kiana Analytics offers online retailers’ analytical tools to brick-and-mortar stores

http://www.bizjournals.com/ | 2 January, 2015

Kiana Analytics has developed cloud-based Big Data analytics and customer engagement software that it says gives brick-and-mortar retailers the kind of consumer analytics and microtargeting capability that was previously only available to online retailers.

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Kiana Analytics helps retailers build customer intimacy

http://www.examiner.com/ | 2 October, 2014

Interview with CEO Nader Fathi on Kiana’s novel solutions to today’s brick and mortar issues and how we are breaking from the pack with new technology to assist retailers while improving their ability to reach out to customers.

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Fortinet Announces FortiPresence Analytics service worldwide

http://www.itworldcanada.com/ | 15 August, 2014

Fortinet Inc., announced tuesday its FortiPresence Analytics Solution for retailers, an end-to-end solution that leverages its wireless access points, unified threat management appliance and a new cloud-based analytics service to give physical store owners an edge in the fight for customer dollars.

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A New Entry in Retail Analytics brings DPI to Wi-Fi Big Data. Welcome Fortinet!

http://wirelessnerd.blogspot.com/ | 1 August, 2014

The retail analytics space just got another new player in the game: Fortinet announced yesterdayavailability of presence and analytics. Teamed up with Kiana Analytics out of San Francisco, Fortinet comes to the game a little later than some of its competitors, however the power of the FortiGate UTM device makes them a formidable contender out of the gate.

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